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Collaborting for a New Century in Public Health  


National and state Turning Point partners formed the National Excellence Collaboratives and worked from 1997 to 2006 to modernize public health statutes, create accountable performance management systems, utilize information technology, invest in social marketing, and develop public health leadership. Several of the collaboratives are continuing their work.

Information Technology
Cataloguing data systems that prioritize needs, evaluate effectiveness, and measure performance.

Leadership Development
Collaborative leadership for achieving common goals.

Performance Management
Developing performance measurements to help set goals, prioritize resources, inform managers, and report success.

Public Health Statute Modernization
Developing tools to help state and local governments assess and update their existing public health laws to address the range of public health issues.

Social Marketing
Promoting the application of social marketing principles and practices to improve public health service delivery.

Last updated 2/10/06