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The Turning Point Leadership Development National Excellence Collaborative was a partnership of local, state, and national public health organizations working to increase collaborative leadership capacity at all levels of public health practice. The Collaborative was created in 1999 by the Turning Point Initiative. The work and products of the collaborative are funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Collaborative Products

Training Tools

Self-Assessment Questionnaires cover

Six Self-Assessment Questionnaires can help individuals focus on and evaluate key behaviors that are important to each of six practices of effective collaborative leaders: Assessing the Environment, Creating Clarity: Visioning and Mobilizing, Building Trust, Sharing Power and Influence, Developing People, Self-Reflection.

The questionnaires can be used either alone to assess your collaborative leadership capacity or as an activity in courses or workshops.
Download the questionnaires ( 68 kb)

Collaborative Leadership Learning Modules cover

Collaborative Leadership Learning Modules: A Comprehensive Series
This series provides skill-building instruction key skills for developing the capacity for collaborative leadership. This series of seven modules is adaptable for learners with different level of experience and can be customized to meet the needs of your group. 400 Pages.

Read more about the Comprehensive Series.
Download the Comprehensive Series

Fundamental Concepts Module cover

Collaborative Leadership: Fundamental Concepts Learning Module
This learning module (also included in the Collaborative Leadership Learning Modules: A Comprehensive Series) helps individuals become acquainted with the collaborative leadership and sets the stage for the Comprehensive Series. It includes many hands-on activities, brief leadership scenarios on video, and opportunities for dialogue and interaction. 114 Pages.

Read more about the Fundamental Concepts Module
Download the Fundamental Concepts Module

Academics and Practitioners on Collaborative Leadership cover

Academics and Practitioners on Collaborative Leadership [ 205 kb]
This publication includes summaries of the Reactor Panel and the Expert Panel. (Complete transcripts of the forums are listed below.)

Collaborative Leadership and Health: A Review of the Literature cover

Collaborative Leadership and Health: A Review of the Literature [pdf 302 kb]
This 78-page book discusses literature written between 1985 and 2001 about or relevant to collaborative leadership, particularly in relationship to health outcomes.


States: Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia

National organizations: NACCHO, ASTHO, CDC

Find more about the Leadership Development Collaborative's products as well as general information on collaborative leadership for public health professionals on the Collaborative's Web site.

Last updated 2/10/06