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Performance Management Collaborative

The Performance Management Collaborative consists of a seven state core including Illinois (lead state), Missouri, West Virginia, New Hampshire, New York, Alaska, and Montana. Five additional partners include the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers, the National Association of County and City Health Officials, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Health Resources and Services Administration, and the Association of State and Territorial Local Health Liaison Officials.

Definition of Performance Management

Performance management is the practice of actively using performance data to improve the public's health. This practice involves strategic use of performance measures and standards to establish performance targets and goals, to prioritize and allocate resources, to inform managers about needed adjustments or changes in policy or program directions to meet goals, to frame reports on the success in meeting performance goals, and to improve the quality of public health practice.

Performance Management components include:

Performance Standards - establishment of organizational or system performance standards, targets and goals and relevant indicators to improve public health practice

Performance Measures - application and use of performance indicators and measures

Reporting of Progress - documentation and reporting of progress in meeting standards and targets and sharing of such information through feedback

Quality Improvement - establishment of a program or process to manage change and achieve quality improvement in public health policies, programs or infrastructure based on performance standards, measurements and reports.

A Performance Management System is the continuous use of all the above practices so that they are integrated into the organization's core operations. Performance management can be carried out at multiple levels, including the program, organization, community, and state levels.

Collaborative Products

The Collaborative released its third major product in March 2003, From Silos to Systems: Performance Management to Improve the Public's Health.

The Silos to Systems guide explains and showcases examples of the Collaborative's four-part model for performance management, along with helpful tips for successfully implementing a performance management system.

Find more Collaborative's products on the Public Health Foundation's Web site.

Performance mangement case studies and learnings.

Collaborative Products
Performance Management Self-Assessment Tool [pd file: 125kb]
Turning Point Guidebook for Performance Measurement [pdf file] Order Print Copy
Literature Synthesis [pdf file: 176 kb] Order Print Copy
Survey on Performance Management in States: Results of a Baseline Assessment of State Health Agencies [pdf file: 1.80 mb] Order Print Copy
From Silos to Systems: Using Performance Management to Improve the Public's Health [pdf file: 397 kb] Order Print Copy
Performance Management in Action: Tools and Resources [pdf file: 574 kb]

Learning Reports
Learning project 1: Florida Quality Improvement Process [pdf file: 18 kb]
Learning project 2: Using Performance Standards to Improve State Public Health Practice [pdf file: 18 kb]
Learning project 3: The Balanced Scorecard [pdf file:18 kb]
Learning project 4: Workforce Development and Performance Management [pdf file: 107 kb]
Learning project 5: The Washington Standards - A Pioneering State-Based Effort [pdf file: 18 kb]
Learning project 6: The Foundation on Accountability (FACCT) [pdf file: 60 kb]
Learning project 7: Competency-Based Training, Credentialing, and Accreditation [pdf file: 28 kb]
Learning project 8: Wisconsin Performance-Based Contracting [pdf file: 135 kb]
Learning project 9: Michigan Accreditation Program [pdf file: 91 kb]


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